Friday, January 11, 2013

Hmmm.  All these blogging sites are a little different from one another.  Here in Google-territory, the creation of a new post presents you with a blank editing screen -- and no context within which to compose.  Elsewhere, it's more Wiki-like, and you simply insert text below (or above, if that's how you roll) all prior entries.

No matter.  They all work, and after some floundering perhaps I'll settle on a single one.
Testing +Thomas Maynard +Thomas Maynard  +carolynmaynard +Carolyn Maynard +Carolyn Maynard

So: One needs to type "+" followed by the correct case of the first name "T" or "T" -- although in my own case, "t" also works but not for Carolyn.  I'm not sure I understand it fully, but at least I know the secret now. +David Maynard +Martha Patterson ... just like that!
[01/11/2013 @ 09:18] I have invited @Carolyn Maynard to the +Trifluent blog here.  Only time will tell if she accepts the invitation.