Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kick Off

What do I know about the lambda calculus?  Next to nothing ... okay, nothing at all.  But I harbor a long-time interest in "things lambda."

I was fooling with Scheme, and decided Racket (aka PLT Scheme) was the one for me.  But then I heard of Clojure, which not only is a Lisp, it's hosted on the JVM ... opening a vast library of code, ready to roll.

So, that's where my head is at the moment.  I'm constantly "seeking" (i.e. looking at languages/platforms/...) but so far nothing can dislodge Clojure for its combination of simplicity, and ubiquity (the JVM, remember?).

This blog will document my experiments, my progress, my failures, as I record my own journey of discovery.  Someday, perhaps, I'll make this all a bit more public, and it just might help someone else struggling and (unknowingly) retracing my steps.

We'll see.

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